ALMS Demonstration Downtown San Jose

Here are a few pics from the ALMS demonstration in downtown San Jose on September 5th 2001. There aren't any pics of the cars "at speed" since I was shooting video while they were running. It was very fun to watch as there were no barriers. At one point, Steve and I were standing on the curb with the cars going by only a few feet away.

We also had a lenghthy discussion with Michael (on the right in picture Dscf1628). I learned from him that the shift point RPM's that I had seen programmed into the transmissions at Sears Point were actually downshift safety limits. It de-activates downshifting too soon which would over-rev the engine. These numbers must be changed if the physical gears in the transmission are changed. To go along with this, today at Laguna Seca, I watched Michael and friends take the wheels off both R-8's in the pits and run them through all gears while they were up on their jacks. Wolff

Dscf1626 Dscf1627 Dscf1628 Dscf1629
Dscf1630 Dscf1631 Dscf1632 Dscf1633
Dscf1634 Dscf1635 Dscf1636 Dscf1637
Dscf1638 Dscf1639 Dscf1640 Dscf1641
Dscf1642 Dscf1643 Dscf1644 Dscf1645
Dscf1646 Dscf1647 Dscf1651 Dscf1652
Dscf1654 Dscf1655 Dscf1659 Dscf1660
Dscf1661 Dscf1662 Dscf1663 Dscf1664