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10,000 species of plants are considered succulents. That is about 3 or 4% of all known species and 12% of recognized plant families. They have the ability to store water in their stems, leaves, or roots, or a combination of the above. Succulents may be giant trees or tiny two-leaved miniatures. They come in an endless array of shapes, textures, colors and forms. Therefore, they are of great interest to collectors for their strange and beautiful forms. The cactus family consists of plants which are all succulent. Whereas, other succulents are members of many other families which also have non-succulent members. More than many other plants succulents are threatened by man's encroachment on habitat. Succulents are worthy of cultivation as either house plants or, garden plants, and take far less maintenance than their non-succulent counterparts. If you want more information about succulents email Naomi

photo of a group of colorful echeverias

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